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photos © Anthony Luvera

Mother Courage and Her Children, 2009

Bertolt Brecht

in a translation by Tony Kushner

Royal National Theatre

Performances: Olivier Theatre 26 September - 8 December 2009

Creative Team

Director - Deborah Warner

Set Design - Tom Pye

Costumes - Ruth Myers

Lighting - Jean Kalman

Songs - Duke Special

Soundscape - Mel Mercier

Sound Design - Autograph

Video - 59 Productions


Mother Courage - Fiona Shaw

Kattrin - Sophie Stone

Swiss Cheese - Harry Melling

Eilif - Clifford Samuel

The Army Recruiter - Sargon Yelda

The Sergeant - Gary Sefton

The Cook - Martin Marquez

The General - Colin Stinton

The Chaplain - Stephen Kennedy

Yvette - Charlotte Randle

The Quartermaster - Youssef Kerkour

Soldier with cannon - William J Cassidy

The One with the Eyepatch - Anthony Mark Barrow

Sergeant - Gerard Monaco

Yvette's Colonel - Roger Sloman

Stretcher-bearers - Guy Rhys, Johannes Flashberger

The Clerk - Jonathan Gunthorpe

The Young Soldier - Louis McKenzie

The Older Soldier - Stephen O'Toole

Farmer's Wife - Eleanor Montgomery, Siobhan McSweeney 

First Soldier - Morgan Watkins

Second Soldier - Kyle McPhail

Farmer One - Gary Sefton

The Regimental Secretary - Johannes Flashberger

Farmer - Gerard Monaco

Farmer's Son - Kyle McPhail

Band - Duke Special, Paul Pilot, Ben Castle, Jules Maxwell, Simon Little, Phil Wilkinson, Chip Bailey

National Theatre Trailer 2011
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