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NYC photographs © Photo: Konstantino Hatzisarros
Perth photographs © Richard Woldendorp 

The Angel Project,

1999 / 2000 / 2003

A site-specific Performance Installation 

First Produced by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) in the Euston Tower London in 1999 as The Tower Project, subsequently developed as The Angel Project in 2000 - a citywide journey through multiple locations.

1999 Euston Tower, London
2000 Perth International Arts Festival, Australia
2003 Lincoln Center Festival, New York

Designed as a solitary experience, The Angel Project was both a physical journey and a journey of the imagination. Various city locations were the "stage" upon which Warner set images, symbols, artifacts and people, then inviting the viewer to traverse them, looking inward and outward to the landscape we call home.

Creative Team - London / New York

Director - Deborah Warner

Designer - Tom Pye and Anna Lynch-Roberts 

Costume - John Bright

Line Producer - Alison McArdle (New York)

Creative Team - Perth 

Director - Deborah Warner

Designer - Tom Pye & Anna Lynch-Roberts 

Costume - John Bright

Associate Producer - Alison McArdle

Project Manager - Ellen Cressey 

Arts Directors - Clayton Jauncey and Debbie Taylor 

Associate Costume Designer - Stephen Miles

"The Angel Project redefines the possibilities and potential of Theatre" The Independent, London

"Brilliant things happen in an installation which challenges the very notion of theatre versus reality" Financial Times

"Wrestled with the intangible, labyrinthine architecture of the soul" The Australian

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