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photographs © Neil Libbert  

Footfalls, 1994

Samuel Beckett 

Garrick Theatre, London

Produced by Deborah Warner and MC93 Bobigny in association with Catherine Bailey Ltd by arrangement with Stoll Moss Theatres

Performances: 14 - 19 March, 1994

Creative Team 

Director - Deborah Warner

Designer - Hildegard Bechtler

Lighting - Jean Kalman


May - Fiona Shaw

V - Susan Engel

".... Warner’s staging of Samuel Beckett’s FOOTFALLS at the Garrick Theatre was the subject of scandal, when her reallocation of some of the lines and her deviation from the pedantic dead letter, if not the spirit, of the play’s stage directions caused the Beckett Estate to issue a fatwa on the projected European tour and TV version. One little noticed irony of the affair is that this conscious attempt to break the pattern of West End theatre-going (the Garrick interior dislocatingly transformed; the show, lasting an intense 20 minutes, performed twice-nightly at £4 a ticket) was produced by MC 93 Bobigny, a generously funded French theatre in a very big outer borough of Paris that happens to be run by the Communists. (The same outfit sponsored the French runs of RICHARD II, to the tune of £260,000, and of THE WASTE LAND.”  - Paul Taylor, The Independent 

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