photographs © Neil Libbert  

The Good Person of

Sichuan, 1989

Bertolt Brecht 

translated by Michael Hofmann

National Theatre, London


Performances: Olivier Theatre,  18 November 1989 – 14 March 1990

Creative Team

Director - Deborah Warner

Designer - Sue Blane

Music - Dominic Muldowney

Lighting - Jean Kalman

Sound - Mike Clayton


Wang - Bill Paterson

First God - Graham Valentine

Second God - Edward Harbour

Third God - Jeffrey Segal

Shen Te - Fiona Shaw

Widow Shin - Susan Engel

The Wife - Susan Colverd

The Husband - Bill Stewart

The Nephew - David Schneider

The Unemployed Man - Albie Woodington

Lin To - Richard Bremner

The Brother - Colin Hurley

The Sister-in-Law - Alison Peebles

The Grandfather - Charles Simon

The Boy - Simon Gregor

The Niece - Sandy McDade

The Policeman - Stuart McGugan

Yang Sun - Pete Posthlewaite

Mrs Mi Tzu - Janet Henfrey

Shu Fu - Oscar Quitak

Mrs Yang Sun - Maria Charles

Ni Tzu - Speedy Choo/Megan Lee

Citizen of Sichuan - Nicola Slade

This website is an index of Deborah Warner’s productions and installations since 1980, assembled on a chronological basis.  It is a work in progress and will be added to periodically.